The small town of Agia Marina is in the Saronic Gulf, on the east coast of the island of Aegina, it has a lovely port and a quiet atmosphere.

A brief history of Agia Marina 

Agia Marina is ancient, just like the rest of the island. The first inhabitants were mainly explorers and traders and they arrived on the island in 3000 BC. Agia Marina was an important arrival port for these merchants and traders, who not only developed the economy but also enriched the culture and traditions on the island. The area around Agia Marina developed and became an important centre for the growth of the sculpture and ceramics industry. 

Places to visit 

The small village of Agia Marina is a lovely little place to explore, it is characterised by small white houses next to the sea, you can watch the fishermen pull their nets in and disappear up the streets and alleyways, back to their homes. Not far from Agia Marina, there is a beautiful monastery worth visiting, it is dedicated to Agios Minas. Also, don't miss The Temple of Aphaea, which is located within a sanctuary complex and is dedicated to the goddess of the same name. Some fantastic sculptures were excavated from the East and West pediments of the temple, they were restored and are now on display at the Glyptothek Museum, in Munich. 

Beaches around Agia Marina 

The beach closest to Agia Marina is one of the few golden sandy beaches on the island. There are many bars, clubs and restaurants nearby, which are perfect for sipping cold drinks and eating excellent Greek food by the sea. You can also rent sunbeds and umbrellas here, as well as do water sports and rent sailboats and canoes.

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